Yakuza: Like a Dragon ‘7 Questions You Want Answered Before Release’ video, part two

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Sega has released the second part of its three-part “7 Questions You Want Answered Before Release” video series for Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

The video features Masayoshi Yokoyama (Yakuza: Like a Dragon chief producer), Kazuhiro Nakaya (Ichiban Kasuga voice actor), Yuichi Nakamura (Joon-gi Han voice actor), Eri Kamataki (Eri Kamataki voice actor), and Iroha Yanagi (Iroha Yanagi voice actor). It answers the question, “What do you go to Hello Work for in the game?”

The video showcases many of the game’s playable jobs (character classes), including Permanent Part-Timer, Hero, Homeless, Detective, Junior Mama, Bodyguard, Host, Idol, Contractor, Street Musician, Hostess, Dancer, Riot Police Officer, Dealer, Chef, Fortuneteller, Night Queen, and the paid downloadable content jobs Demon and Bosslady.

If you missed it, the first video answered these three questions:

  • Will I be able to enjoy Yakuza: Like a Dragon if I haven’t played any other games in the series?
  • I’m worried about whether I can enjoy a Yakuza game without Kazuma Kiryu! Please tell me about what makes the new protagonist so great!
  • Why did you change the battle system to an RPG?

The upcoming final video will answer these three questions:

  • What kind of city is new setting Yokohama?
  • How does Ichiban Kasuga rise up from the bottom?
  • Are you honestly confident in the quality of Yakuza: Like a Dragon?

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is due out for PlayStation 4 on January 16, 2020 in Japan, and in 2020 in the Americas and Europe. A demo is available now. Read more about the game here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Watch part two below.

Source : https://gematsu.com/2019/12/yakuza-like-a-dragon-7-questions-you-want-answered-before-release-video-part-two

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