Your Switch is patched or unpatched?|The Full Guide is here

Not all Nintendo Switch can be hacked, so how to check if your Switch is patched or unpatched? Your answer is in this post. Here are all the 4 ways you can use to know if a Switch is currently patched, and the latest progress on Nintendo patched Switch hacking, in the end, we will also tell you where to buy the unpatched Switch units to play free games and homebrews via Switch flashcards or modchips.

Is your Switch patched or unpatched?

There are 4 emthods to check if your Switch patched or not in total. They are listed here one by one. You can choose any of them to do your research. The recommended ways are No.3 and No.1.


The first way to know ‘at a glance’ if your switch is currently patched is to look at the Serial Number located on the bottom of the Switch. This number is also visible on the box, so you can see it before you purchase a new console.

After you know it, check the Following Switch serial number, if your one is listed there, your console should be definitely patched,the SX OS, Atmosphere and any other Switch CFWs all can’t work.

  • Serials beginning with XAW9:

Refurbished Consoles directly from Nintendo, no informations, but
very possible all patched.

  • Serials beginning with XAK:

No informations available, since those are only sold in Korea (?)

  • Serials beginning with XKW and XKJ:

These Switches have the new motherboard revision called “Mariko”.
They are 100% patched.


There is now an application available on the Google Play Store for Android devices, under the name of SwitchScanner. Just use your android smart phone or tablet to scan or enter the serial number of your Nintendo console to see if it is unpatched.

Download: SwitchScanner


Some websites have popped up to make it easy for users to enter or scan their serial numbers to check the patched or unpatched status of their switch. 2 websites are recommended.

The Patched Nintendo Switch serial numbers

  • Serials beginning with XAW1:

Serials between XAW10075000000 – XAW10120000000 are possibly patched
Serials above XAW10120000000 are definitely patched

  • Serials beginning with XAW4:

Serials between XAW40011000000 – XAW40012000000 are possibly patched
Serials above XAW40012000000 are definitely patched

  • Serials beginning with XAW7:

Serials between XAW70017800000 – XAW70030000000 are possibly patched
Serials above XAW70030000000 are definitely patched

  • Serials beginning with XAJ1:

Serials between XAJ10020000000 – XAJ10030000000 are possibly patched
Serials above XAJ10030000000 are definitely patched

  • Serials beginning with XAJ4:

Serials between XAJ40046000000 – XAJ40060000000 are possibly patched
Serials above XAJ40060000000 are definitely patched

  • Serials beginning with XAJ7:

Serials between XAJ70040000000 – XAJ70050000000 are possibly patched
Serials above XAJ70050000000 and above definitely patched

Patched Nintendo Switch Hacking News

Switch News: Patched consoles on FW 4.1.0 are now hackable thanks to the Caffeine exploit.

This new exploit for patched Switch consoles is an update to the Caffeine exploit (by lieurvehc/deer) which is a warmboot Déjà Vu-based (SciresM) exploit meaning that it doesn’t make use of vulnerabilities in the Switch’s RCM mode but of vulnerabilities found in Horizon OS.

Initially, this exploit was only compatible with Switch FW 2.0.0-3.0.0 but now, it’s been updated to support FW 4.0.0 and 4.1.0, the latter being the first firmware bundled with ipatched Switch consoles.

In light of this update, PegaScape, which is a program that’s used to reboot an unhacked Switch console to CFW/emuMMC, has been updated with support for FW 4.0.0/4.1.0 using Caffeine meaning that you can boot Atmosphere on Patched systems for the first time!

Where to buy the unpatched Switch console?

  1. Ebay: eBay sellers often take pictures of the device all over to show condition, conveniently including the S/N.
  2. Gamestop: If you are cool with the Gamestop workers (or they aren’t sticklers) take a list with you of known good serials, and ask them to check the back for them. If you buy from gamestop, just ask them to look at the unit first. 
  3. Craigslist: Got one on Craigslist, had the guy send me the first part of the s/n to make sure.
  4. Retail Store: You can literally just ask to look at the serial numbers yourself at any retail store.
  5. kijiji: In CA, go here
  6. Confirmed Unpatched Bundles: Check for bundles that are known to be pre-patch. These could be anywhere, or you can look online, Super Mario odyssey bundle is unpatched for sure.


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The SX Pro toolkit for Switch is the ultimate and the easiest device for hacking, it can be setup on your console with nearly 5 simple steps, it contains everything(os license code, usb dongle and RCM jpycon jig) you need to boot custom firmware on Nintendo Switch machine.

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